Jason Quake |Dutch electro house Producer & Dj
Jason Quake is a dutch electro house producer & dj. Allways looking for new exciting dance music and creating what he feels is missing.
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Exploring the boundaries of dance music, and moving them


Coming to a club, festival or stage near you. Bringing the music he loves most!


Sharing his excitement with the crowd

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Jason Quake

Born in the year 1992, Jasper Kuipers (Jason Quake) has always had a big passion for dance music and everything surrounding it. “My musical taste has been all over the place; from Rap to Hardstyle all the way back to Folk, who knows where I will end up”  Find out more about his history, background, motivation and goals in the blurry terrain of music these days.

The name Jason Quake

Jason Quake is the artist name Jasper uses to publish his music on. From the very first moment a lot of questions were raised where the name Jason Quake came from. Jasper exlplains that his real name doesn’t sound well in english so he took an english name which is close to his name. “I felt really comfortable with the name Jason, so for me it was obvious” The second part of the name also relates to his real last name: Kuipers. “I looked for something that had the same K-sound and some relation to dance music. Quake seemed a nice and logical fit to me.” Combining the two separate parts results in the artist name Jason Quake which will be Jasper’s brand from now on.

What does Jason Quake do?

Jason Quake is active in Dance music industry in different ways. First of all Jason Quake represents a Dj, playing clubs and festivals. Besides that he is active as a producer, in which he creates is own tracks, as wel as an EDM Ghost Producer which means that he creates tracks for other dj’s. Last but nog least, Jason Quake hosts a monthly free podcast, in which he selects the best house music!

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I just want to be the best producer I can be, and share my music with whoever wants to listen.

― Jason Quake

Ahead of the scene

Always looking for new sounds to bring the audience


Check Out The Podcast

Tune in to the Jason’s Monthly Alarm Mix, a one hour podcast in which you will be updated with the best house music!


Being able to create whatever I can think of is the biggest motivation for me.


Whenever I feel there is something missing, I just add it myself. I’m free.


While looking for new inspiration and ideas, I come across a lot of music that I feel others should be heard as well. My podcast is the platform for these tunes!


Nothing is better than sharing music, and performing gives me the opportunity to share and celebrate it in real time.

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