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Best house Music
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Best house music

From deep house to bigroom and from future house to Melbourne bounce, every day new tracks are released and you want to check out the best house music out there! As a producer and dj, Jason Quake lives and breathes with house music. He comes along tons of great tracks during the preparation of his gigs. He selects the best house music and joins it together in his podcast called: Jason’s Monthly Alarm Mix! Sign up with you e-mail address and receive the best house music straight into your inbox, its free!

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Experience the best house music

The edm world is filled with talented artists and producers and new tunes are released every single day! Jason’s Monthly Alarm Mix is an electro house mix created to bring you the best house music. Jason Quake makes a selection out of the hundreds of new tracks he gets every month leaving the best house music for you to listen. Every month a 60 minute podcast will be posted updating you with all the tracks that you should know! Jason’s Monthly Alarm Mix uses tracks that are allowed to be used by the labels. By doing this all artists featured will get a fair cut from Sena, to make sure they are able to keep producing in the future. No copyright infringements are made by using this method, for more information on copyright regulations please review Buma Stemra

Turn up to the highest quality

The Jason’s Monthly Alarm Mix podcast will confront you with the best electro house music out there. But the best music sounds even better when its recorded in the highest quality! Jason’s Monthly Alarm Mix is recorded in extremely high quality which enables you to notice every little detail in the sound. This high quality recording will give you the best possible experience of the music!

Your monthly update

With all the new releases its hard to keep up, if you want to stay updated with the best house music, this is what you want to do. Fill in your e-mail address and subscribe to Jason’s Monthly Alarm Mix. You will receive a new 60 minute EDM mix (episode) in your inbox presenting you all the tracks that you should know, from big artists as well as talents that are a little less known. During the show Jason will tell you which tracks he selected and why. You will know exactly what track to look out for when you are selecting tracks on Beatport!

Be up to date!

Jason’s Monthly Alarm Mix is the solution if you want to be up to date with the best house music. To make sure you don’t miss a single episode of the EDM radio show, please subscribe you e-mail and receive every episode directly in you inbox! You can check out the episode whenever wherever you want: in the car, at home during you work out or at work! Its completely free and 100% safe!

Jasons Monthly Alarm Mix Includes:

The Best New Music

The best of the latest house music!

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Not limited to a single label!

Extremely High Quality

The best sounds, sounding even better!

100% Free

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Online every month

Always keeping you up to date!

60 minute Powermix

Only the best music included!

Available everywhere

At home, the office, the car or during your workout!

No Copyrights Infringed

Artists and producers benefit!

All tracks you should know!

The biggest hits and undiscovered talent!

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