Biography of Jason Quake
Who is Jason Quake, where does he come from and what does he believe in? Find out here in his biography!
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Jason Quake Press

Jason Quake is the stage name of Jasper Kuipers, who was born on the 4th of august 1992. He lives in the Netherlands in a small town near Eindhoven. This is where he found his love for electronic music.

Start of his music career

Coming from a family that has no background in music whatsoever, it seemed a bit unusual for Jasper to dream of a career in music. His love for electronic music quickly narrowed to a specific love for euphoric Hardstyle. “The energy and positive atmosphere in euphoric Hardstyle is what attracted me so strongly”. Spreading the love for his music quickly led to frequent gigs, and a residency at the popular Club Energy in the south. During these gigs Jasper, who had the stage name: The Apprentice, supported numerous established names in the scene, including:

  • Wildstylez
  • D-Block & S-Te-Fan
  • Noisecontrollers
  • Code Black

The Switch

Jason loves to be on stage sharing the music he loves, but felt the need to express his own interpretation of music as well. He started digging into producing and exploring different styles of music. Not long after, he felt the need to expand his view, and not focus solely on Hardstyle. “I still like the energy and positive atmosphere. I just think there’re multiple interpretations of that”. The main style of his music can now be described as Electro House.


The start of production and reinventing his love for electronic music gave Jason the chance to reconsider his stage name. He decided to change it to Jason Quake; a transformed translation of his real name, because he feels it’s closer to who he really is.

Jason’s music can still be described as energetic with a positive atmosphere. It varies between different styles of electronic music, such as deep house, future house, electro house, and big room house. He gets a lot of inspiration from other dance artists, like Tiësto and Headhunterz, but also looks up to bands such as Coldplay. Jason sees a lot of opportunities for the music to expand; “It would be an honor to be responsible for such developments”.

The Podcast

Sharing good music has always been the core of Jason’s existence as a producer and DJ. Jason felt the need to share music other than during his gigs. “I want people to have access to the music I love at any time and at any place”. With this in mind, Jason’s podcast called Jason’s Monthly Alarm Mix was born.

Jason will continue to share his love for music via his gigs and podcast. growing his fanbase towards the future. The main focus will be on production; so, Jason can express his interpretation of music in the future. His dream is to share his sound with the crowd on big festivals.