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Contact Jason Quake to send him your demo, promo or request bookings or other inquiries, visit the contact page!
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Are you a producer? Do not hesitate, submit your demo!  Click the button below to send your tracks.

(No mashups, edits, bootlegs or remixes)



Click the button below, to apply your remix, mashup, promo or edit to be featured on Jason’s Monthly Alarm Mix. Jason will check out all the submissions, the best ones will be selected to be featured on Jason’s Monthly Alarm Mix. We get a lot of submissions every single week, and we are very thankful for that! Because of the great amount of submissions it’s not possible for Jason to give feedback on every submission. You will be notified through e-mail when your track is selected.



For booking request please click the button below. Don’t forget to mention in the event date, location and estimated amount of visitors. You will be contacted as soon as possible to further discuss the details about your request to book Jason Quake.

Or request the press pack:



Please click the button below for general inquiries about Jason Quake, his online and social media channels, press releases and other requests. We will respond to your request as soon as possible!