Looking for an EDM Ghost producer? | Jason Quake
Jason Quake is a Dutch Dj/producer who spends his time producing new tracks, mashups and featuring the latest house music in his podcast & Gigs.
Jason Quake, Dutch dj, house dj, latest house muxic
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Professional Tracks

Which sound amazing on any soundsystem!

Original & Ready to use

The banger of your next performance

Sounddesign, Mixing & Mastering

Next level productions in any EDM subgenre

Affordable Prices

Buy directly from the source, cut out all additional costs

Hire an EDM Ghost producer

Do you want to have a release which is ready to rock any festival or club, without going through the trouble of learning every little studio technique? Then you are looking to hire an EDM ghost producer! Get your own tracks by simply instructing a ghost producer about what you want, or by selecting a track he already made! Jason Quake can be your EDM ghost producer; he has thousands of hours of studio experience and has worked numerous times as an EDM ghost producer.


Get your ghost production now!

Are you curious if a ghost production service can help you? Fill in the form to take the first step towards your own ghost production. Try to describe as detailed as possible what you expect within which timeframe. You will receive a message which describes the further steps and possibilities.

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The advantages of Jason Quake

Jason Quake, you probably never heard of him before (that’s the case with most EDM ghost producers). Jason is a dutch producer and dj who has been active in the scene since he was 15 years old. Throughout the years he learned his studio skills from producers who release on huge labels, like Spinnin’ Records, Revealed Recordings.

Jason has spent countless hours in the studio perfecting his sounddesign, arrangement and mixing skills, all of which you will benefit from.

The important difference with Jason Quake and other platforms is that you are connected directly to the source, so there is no need to pay for an expensive platform that is just in it for the money. This makes sure that you can describe your wishes as direct as possible.

Demand or collaborate


Not everyone is gifted with musical inspiration. If you have no clue what kind of track you want, then you can just select one out of the tracks that Jason has got pre prepared for you.That way you will have a huge track in no time. Just send Jason a message using the contactform and discover the possibilities!


Collaborating is interesting if you have some kind of idea about what your track should be. You are able to describe your wishes directly to Jason. He will contact you with further questions. Once your satisfied and you have given the “go”, Jason will start producing your next release. It’s easy as that!


What does it cost to have Jason Quake as my ghost producer?

A release made by a professional ghost producer, that sounds great but what are the costs? If you hire Jason Quake as your ghost producer it depends strongly on the type of track you want Jason to produce. Therefore it’s impossible to do an estimate without any further instructions. Because of the great amount of hours spent on a new track, a ghost production track starts at €800,- . If you are curious what the costs of your ghost production will be, fill in the form and you will get a detailed answer!

Is it wrong to hire a ghost producer?

Where a lot of people think that it’s wrong to hire a ghost producer, it’s actually really common. Being a Dj is completely different from being a producer, but these days a Dj has to produce tracks in order to keep up with the competition. A ghost producer service can provide a way out for Dj’s that have no experience with producing, but also for dj’s that are too busy touring. Flights, tours, time zones and jetlag’s take up a lot of energy and can bring the creative process to a hold. A ghost producer service can help create or finish tracks in order to keep the career up to speed. Taking all of this into consideration, is it still such a strange thing that the edm ghost producer service exists?

Get your ghost production now!

Send me your input and let’s get to work on your release. Or ask your questions if anything is still unclear.