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Jason Quake is a Dutch Dj/producer who spends his time producing new tracks, mashups and featuring the latest house music in his podcast & Gigs.
Jason Quake, Dutch dj, house dj, latest house muxic
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EDM Mastering service

Excellent Quality

Big, exciting and clean tracks. Your tracks!

Loud and clear

Subtle tweaks make the best of your music

Easy to use

Submit your track and receive the master, online!

Affordable Prices

Buy directly from the source, cut out all additional costs

You finished your track, but you’re looking for a professional to add the final touch. You are in the right place! The EDM mastering service of Jason Quake is quick, easy and affordable. Getting your track mastered by the EDM mastering service is as easy as submitting it using this link or the button below. Jason Quake will be in touch with you with the further steps to having your track mastered.

Stereo widening, exciting and eq’ing

Getting the commercial sound

The idea of this EDM mastering service is to get the commercial sound that you are looking for, right here, right now. The commercial sound, sounds wide, full exciting and clean. Mastering is a very important aspect of this. Mastering an audio track requires careful listening, and subtle adjustments to get the best result. Besides wide, full, exciting and clean a track needs to be loud (especially an EDM track).

Loudness maximizing

Loudness maximizing is an important aspect of mastering. Especially in the EDM scene, the loudness war continues to play a big part in the mastering process. By submitting your track to Jason’s EDM mastering service, you ensure yourself of a track which meets the current loudness standards of all the big names in the scene.

Submit your track to the EDM mastering service

Submitting your track to be mastered by Jason Quake is easy:


Upload the track to Soundcloud


Enable downloads


Send the (secret) link trough the button below


Jason Quake will be in contact regarding the costs and delivery date

Submit your track today

Give your sound the treatment that it deserves, submit your track using the button below!

Submit Your Track Here!

Prepare your track for mastering

It takes careful preparation to get the best result from this EDM mastering service. For you own good, make sure that your track meets the following aspects:

  • Bypass all compression and limiting on the master channel
  • Bypass all dithering and noise shaping
  • Keep at least 5db headroom on your master channel
  • Make sure your track is properly mixed (a great master can’t fix a poor mix)
  • Render / bounce / export your track as AIFF or WAV at minimum 16 bit and 44.1khz sample-rate

Click Here If Your Track Is Prepared

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