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Look into all episodes of Jason’s Monthly Alarm Mix! Check out the episode and the tracklist and select your favorite!
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Jason’s Monthly Alarm Mix Episodes

Jason’s Monthly Alarm Mix releases a new episode every single month. By doing this, Jason makes sure that you stay updated on all the latest music! On this page, you can find all Jason’s Monthly Alarm Mix episodes! Check out which tracks Jason featured by checking out the track lists and select your favorite episodes.

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Every new episode of Jasons Monthly Alarm Mix is stacked with the latest house music! To make sure you know what you heard, Jason publishes all his tracklists online. You can use the EDM mix tracklist to discover the artists and the name of the song, but you can also use the track list to navigate through the episodes! Let us know what your favorite part is and why, and maybe you will be mentioned in a future episode!

Jason’s Monthly Alarming Record

Even in the selection of the best house music there’s always one that’s better than the rest! The most refreshing, innovating or surprising track of the month is marked as Jason’s Monthly Alarming Record! Basically this title is telling you that this track belongs to the best electro house and certainly deserves your attention! Keep in mind that that a track doesn’t have to be number one on Beatport to be Jason’s Monthly Alarming Record!

Jason’s Monthly Mashup of the Month

Every month, tons of producers send me mashups of tracks they really like. Mashups are edits in which two or more existing tracks are combined. Mashups are often used by DJs to spice up their performance. In the preparations, Jason will listen to the mashups that are submitted, and select the one that he thinks is good enough for the show. Check out the hardwell mashup made by Jason Quake.

If you want to submit a mashup to the podcast, click the button below and send Jason your track!

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