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Jason Quake is a Dutch Dj/producer who spends his time producing new tracks, mashups and featuring the latest house music in his podcast & Gigs.
Jason Quake, Dutch dj, house dj, latest house muxic
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House Music 2017

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House music 2017 the ultimate playlist!

In just a few years, house music has stolen the hearts of millions of people. From that moment every track counts. The house music 2017 playlist is the ultimate collection of house, dance music and EDM of 2017. It involves the biggest artists in the scene, but also a lot of new dj talent. This makes the house music 2017 playlist into the best house music 2017 list as well. A new 60 minute episode is added every month to make sure the list never grows old. An episode can contain all kinds of styles such as: Deep house, electro house, trap, progressive house.

EDM 2017 is it still alive?

EDM was born as a definition for all Electronic Dance Music, but it quickly became a reference for energetic and raw kinds of house music, like electro house and bigroom house. This style had a great success back in the days but has been declining since the beginning of 2016. What will the EDM of 2017 look like? There is only one way to find out. To check out the EDM 2017, which is inserted in the overall house music 2017 playlist. The genre hasn’t died, but it certainly changed. EDM 2017 has been given a whole new and exciting appearance of which you want to know all about.

Is there still dance music in 2017?

Dance music is the foundation of all house music! It has been evolving ever since in to the most amazing forms we know right now! It has also become a wide variety of subgenres like Deep house and trap all the way up to progressive house. So the question if there will be dance music in 2017 is easy to answer. YES! And it will probably be stronger than ever. If you want to know what shape dance music will be taking in 2017. Then this is what you do, tune in to this house music 2017 playlist and treat yourself with the best house music, EDM and dance music of 2017!

Electro house 2017

Electro house has been one of the leading styles in the house music scene. Electro house is the energetic kind of house you find at the mainstage of big festivals like Tomorrowland, ultra, EDC and Coachella. Electro house has been supported by millions of fans and many big artists like Hardwell and Dimitri Vegas & Like mike took a big part in producing and promoting it. Like any other style, Electro house keeps evolving. Therefore the electro house 2017 will be way different then back in 2016 or earlier. Watch the electro house 2017 genre evolve, by checking out the monthly episodes in the house music 2017 playlist.

Deep house 2017

As energetic and mainstage as the electro house is, as subtle and deep is the deep house. Deep house had a major rise in popularity in 2016, growing it into one of the biggest styles in dance music today. The detailed rhythms and deep basses suit many situations, like festivals and parties, but also at home during games or even work. Deep house will also grow and turn into something more great then we can imagine today. That’s why you need to be on top of the deep house 2017 tracks. Jason Quake will select the very best of those and feature them in his House music 2017 playlist, which is available to you for free!

Sub Genre’s

Since house music has become such a big deal, its almost impossible to describe every aspect and subgenre of it. What we do know for sure its that the house music 2017 playlist will be featuring ALL of the available subgenre’s. To fit in a track just has to stand out from the rest. By doing this, we make sure that the best house music, as well as the latest house music is featured and every possible need will be served!

That’s why house music 2017 will also be: Trap 2017, Tropical house 2017, Future house 2017, Progressive house 2017, Melbourne bounce 2017. Bass house 2017

Whatever style you prefer, or artist you prefer. With this house music 2017 playlist by Jason Qake, you assure yourself of focusing on the best house music only!

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