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Jason Quake is a Dutch Dj/producer who spends his time producing new tracks, mashups and featuring the latest house music in his podcast & Gigs.
Jason Quake, Dutch dj, house dj, latest house muxic
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Jason Quake Music

This page contains all the music produced by Jason Quake. Jason’s music can be described as energetic and euphoric (positive). It varies between many musical styles. “Different tracks ask for a different approach”. In the menu, you will find three sorts of music produced by Jason Quake: Tracks, Mashups and the Alarm Mix Podcasts. You can easily sort the different types by using the menu.

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Alarm mix

Jason’s Monthly Alarm Mix is a monthly podcast in which Jason presents the best of the latest house music. During the search for new music, Jason finds a lot of great tracks that he feels he should share. The podcast is a way to share the best of these tracks with whoever wants to listen, it is often compared to a House chart or EDM radio show! The podcast an electro house mix, recorded in high quality and has a duration of approximately 60 minutes. The podcast is available everywhere and is 100% free!


Mashups are an expression of Jason being creative with tracks by other producers. “Whenever I miss something, I just add it”. The mashups by Jason are divergent. From adding something as simple as a vocal to bringing extra strength to the drop. The mashups are often available as a free download so you can check them out whenever and wherever you want! Check out the different pages to see if your favorite mashup is available as a free mashup as well, for instance the Martin Garrix mashup.


Besides the gigs, mashups, and Alarm Mixes, Jason spends a lot time in the studio creating a sound of his own. The style of these tracks are divergent. One thing they all have in common is that they are energetic and positive. You can check out the tracks by selecting tracks in the top menu. This will automatically filter out all the rest. The remaining tracks are sorted in chronologic order.