Quintino - Slammer - Jason Quake mashup | Check it out!
Jason Quake added a new touch to Quintino - Slammer Ft. Ftampa in this mashup he combined it with let it rock. Quintino & Ftampa– Let it Slammer is the result!
Quintino Slammer
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Quintino – Slammer mashup

About This Project

Quintino Ft. Ftampa Vs. Kevin Rudolf – Let It Slammer

Slammer is the name of the track by Quintino and Ftampa. It was released by Spinnin Records. A collaboration between the two was long awaited and the result was spectacular. Slammer immediately gained support from many great artists in the scene as well as the major Coachella crowd, who turned insane. However, there was still room for improvement.

Kevin Rudolf – Let it rock (ft. Lil Wayne)

Together with Lil Wayne, Kevin Rudolf made the track called “Let it rock”. This single was the debut of Kevin Rudolf, and hit the #5 spot in the Billboard Top 100. The single is a combination of Rap and Rock, and combines them into a strong track. “I have always loved the vocal on this track, just didn’t know where to place it”.

Quintino vs. Kevin Rudolf – Let it slammer (Jason Quake Mashup)

“The idea for the mashup came as soon as I heard the drop on this track. This vocal of Kevin Rudolf was already playing in the back of my head. I just had to put it in there.” The result is Let is slammer; the mashup by Jason Quake. As soon as it hit Soundcloud, it got downloaded and supported by tons of podcasts and DJ sets! Check out the mashup below, and don’t forget to like and repost if you like what you are hearing!

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