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Jason Quake, Stay tuned
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About Me

Jason spends a lot of time working on his music but is also very active on everything that surrounds it. Studio sessions, gigs, photoshoots and meetings it’s all in the schedule. Find out what Jason is up to, what you can expect and what you want to look out for. Sign up below to stay tuned!

About My Productions

Jason is all about music. Besides his love for good music by other producers he likes to create his own interpretation of that. Jason spends a lot of time in the studio finding new sounds and creating decent tracks out of them. Stay updated with Jason’s studio work and his collaborations! It’s all in the newsletter!

About My Edits

“Whenever I miss something, I just add it.” That’s the main thought behind the edits, mashups and bootlegs. It results in edits that are played and supported in clubs, festivals and podcasts worldwide! Be the first to check out, and download these exclusive edits! Subscribe to the updates below and follow Jason Quake on Soundcloud!

About The Music I Love

Jason finds tons of new music every single day, whether he’s looking for inspiration or preparing his performances. He loves to share his new findings with you, you will find the best of all his findings in his podcast. This is a monthly one hour mix filled with the latest house music! Jason will explain which tracks he selected and why, to make sure you do not miss an episode of this podcast, subscribe using you e-mail address below!

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